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Presidents Day Writing Contest

Guess What?

Mrs Armstrong-Montes is sponsoring a writing contest for Presidents Day.  

A writing contest!  [click for larger image]

Due: Tuesday, February 16th, 3 PM

Who: Kindergarten, Grades 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and Resource Room

Winners in each grade:  $10 Gift Certificate to the School store for one composition from each grade

Just choose a theme:

My Hero,  President _____________      
A Historic Leader,  President __________________

For grades 5 6 7 8, the prompts will be:

Which president is a hero? 

Which President is an historical leader?
Students in grades 5 6 7 and 8 look here for more expectations, directions, and resources. You'll want to make a copy of that document to help guide you in creating your notes and final essay. 

Resources for planning and documenting your process and skills:


Create a document called “President Notes Code Name” for your research.
Begin your task with these directions: Presidents Day Directions [make a copy; includes resource sites]

Document your investigation and skills using our Essential Questions with this Progress Tracker: 

Here is an example of the tracker: Process Example

Here is an example of organized notes and essay drafts: President Notes Example

Here is an example of my planning Presidents Day Directions sheet: Presidents Day Shee

Here is an example of a final essay:  President Jimmy Carter, Hero by Shee


Add a comment below with a link to your essay !




President Jimmy Carter, Hero

by Sheri Edwards

We can choose to alleviate suffering.

We can choose to work together for peace.

We can make these changes — and we must.   

Jimmy Carter, Nobel Lecture

These words are life words, words lived by and promoted by former president, James Carter. Carter won the Nobel Peace Prize helping people’s human rights, promoting democracy and social programs, and finding peaceful solutions to conflicts. A hero is, according to the dictionary, a  “person who, in the opinion of others, has heroic qualities or has performed a heroic act and is regarded as a model or ideal.” As a man of ideals and a role model for the possibilities that can happen when we say and act on these words, “We must make these changes, ” Jimmy Carter is a model for all of us. As a man of peace and champion of human rights, President Jimmy Carter is a Presidential Hero.
The Presidency

As President, Jimmy Carter promoted peace, programs for people, and protected our lands. Even as Governor of Georgia, he was known for “emphasizing ecology, efficiency in government, and the removal of racial barriers” And as President, he wanted to continue this; he said he wanted government to be “competent and compassionate.” He continued fighting the racial barriers being both compassionate and competent by adding eight million jobs, especially for women, blacks, and Hispanics. He protected millions of acres of lands in Alaska. He promoted peace because he kept the United States from wars and negotiated treaties and diplomacy.Today, Obama benefits from Carter with his energy policies because Carter started the Department of Energy to help stop the use of polluting oil fuels. A good president develops programs and policies that help the country’s people and its land and resources. As President, Jimmy Carter’s actions did just that.

Social and Health Programs
As Post-President, Jimmy Carter continued to develop social and health programs for people around the world. He worked to help people all over the world to get homes through Habitat for Humanity. He started The Carter Center, which has eradicated river blindness, caused by parasite larvae in the human body, by providing 200 million treatments of Mectizan, which was donated by Merck. Columbia, Ecuador and Mexico are now free of river blindness. To promote continued social and health programs for people in other countries, he and The Carter Center observe elections to make sure they are fair. Jimmy Carter’s work has helped keep fair elections in 101 countries. A hero acts to help people. Jimmy Carter has helped people keep their rights through fair elections and has helped people obtain health and homes through his service in promoting social programs.

Peace Negotiator
Key to his legacy, Jimmy Carter continued to promote peaceful solutions. Carter has been an ambassador to stop disputes between countries. For example, as President, he brought Egypt and Israel closer together, helped to get treaties made for the Panama Canal, opened diplomacy with China, and limited the use of nuclear arms. In addition, after his presidency, he helped the United States deal with leaders like Kim Il Sung of North Korea and Muammar Qaddaffi of Libya. A hero is a model; a hero keeps people safe, and these show that was always one of his main objectives by remaining a peace-keeping ambassador.


As the facts demonstrates, President Jimmy [James] Carter chose to alleviate suffering, chose to work together for peace, and chose to continue his quest even after he was President of the United States. A hero is model, and this model, Jimmy Carter, helped people, kept them safe, and maintained peace. As the Carter Center motto indicates, Jimmy Carter is “Waging Peace. Fighting Disease. Building Hope.“ This is a life worth modeling after. President Jimmy Carter is a Presidential Hero.


Our Nation’s Leaders website:

Miller Center:


The Carter Center

Images are Creative Commons or Public Domain:
Relations with China [Deng Xiaoping and Carter]:
Portrait of Jimmy Carter by Robert Templeton <>


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