Friday, January 29, 2016


I'm standing at the free throw line. Bounce to compose myself. Bounce to focus on the score. That got me thinking about composure and focus in the classroom.

A basketball player doesn't just run up and down the court. No. They've got a plan, a focus, an understanding of what the other players are doing or will do. And they're ready to act on those moves and their plan.

A basketball player as a reader and writer wouldn't just run up and down the court  page -- they'd have a plan, they'd compose themselves to focus on what to do, what the goal is, what to do to meet that goal.  They'd compose themselves, slow down and focus their minds on what ways to win this game.

In reading, I'd be thinking---

  • Bounce: What did I just read? What does the author want me to learn?
  • Bounce: What surprises me in this text?
  • Bounce: What's the main idea?
  • Bounce: How does this key detail [and this one, and this one] support the main idea?
  • Bounce: What's significant about this text?
  • Bounce: What's my next step - goal/plan -- what am I to do with this information?
In writing, I'd be thinking--

  • Bounce: What's my message? What do I want the reader to learn?
  • Bounce: Who am I writing this for? What do they need to know and how will I make it clear?
  • Bounce: Did I stay on topic?
  • Bounce: Did I add enough interesting and relevant ideas for my reader to understand?
  • Bounce: Did I include my voice, my personality, to make it my own writing?
  • Bounce: Did I convince the reader with a claim, relevant evidence, and warrants to build my claim so the reader would believe it?
  • Bounce: Did I include media to add relevant evidence, a visual summary of the main ideas, or quote to remember?
  • Bounce: How's my design? Is it professional: a thorough, relevant analysis with my sources cited?
That's right: I'd be the player with the plan, and I'd be passing the ball -- the strategies of readers and writers ---  to encourage and support my team to win as a learning community.  That's a slam dunk.

How do you compose and compete in reading and writing? How do build your learning community, and what projects have you created -- those slam dunks that demonstrate your power as a player in reading and writing?

  • Bounce.  Think about it.
  • Pass.  Collaborate.
  • Slam dunk.  Projects done.

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  1. thanks for the tips and i am doing that by explaining the people are coming up with a plan to stop ebola

  2. i like how you made basketball and school come together in reading and writing

  3. I do it because I come up with a plan like how I remembered when I accidentally broke Kyle's wrist I came up with the plan and wrote and in basketball I screen, shoot, pass, dribble and we win because I coach helped us with the plan

  4. Hello Sheri
    I like what you said about the basketball players and they have to be they had to focus in class room like the score also these part "They've got a plan, a focus, an understanding of what the other players are doing or will do. And they're ready to act on those moves and their plan." The idea i got is that you took the picture that is a basketball picture. How did you come up with these ideas?

  5. I do it because I'am the Point guard on the team and i call out the plays and tell them what to do and what we should try Also I bring the ball down the court.

  6. Dear Mrs.Edwards,
    I like how you related school work to basketball. I am thinking about what I want my reader(s) to know in my argument for the environment. I was keeping on topic. While I was reading the article to get my evidence I was thinking, "What am I going to do with this information?"

  7. I do it because i'm the center on the basketball team and I go up and screen the point guard or he just passes it to me and we just passes it around and see if we can get an open look to the basket.

  8. I did the reading part today by reading an article about climate change made by NASA. Also I made a paragraph about the next big earthquake.

  9. I was reading an article about earthquakes. I learned that the pacific northwest might have a 9.0 in the next 50 years.

  10. Dear Mrs. Edwards,
    I like how you connected the thrill of basketball and the education of reading and writing. I like how you slowed it down.

  11. Ms.Edwards
    I like how you talk about basket ball.
    I think you should add a detail talking about the before and after moments.
    Did you come to one of our basket ball games last year?


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