Sunday, October 25, 2015

PAX Creativity

Pax Creativity

Mrs Pankey challenged students to create PAX designs for our classroom doors.  

Grade 8 students brainstormed PAX ideas of Peace, Productivity, Health, Happiness; they considered Spleems [the things we don't want that make our school unpeaceful, unproductive, unhealthy, and unhappy].  They asked themselves, "How could I create in words and images what PAX is and how it helps make the world better and make our school better?"

They sketched designs. They shared and discussed. Then they started creating. Once they had the ideas down, the shared and discussed again the design, content, and purpose of the design to promote PAX behaviors and possibilities.

Some started over; some added to their designs.  When almost completed, students completed a silent Gallery Walk.  The posters were set out on desks. Students formed groups and sat down to analyze one poster. They wrote comments on slips of paper: Tell a compliment; give a suggestion.  They considered design elements, content message, and PAX purpose.  Then students rotated to another poster and repeated the process.

When each group had a chance to comment on all posters, even their own, the students returned to their posters and read the comments.  Students discussed possible improvements and began the final details to their posters, using the suggestions provided by their peers.

All ideas are from the imagination of the students and feedback from their peers.

This is what PAX is about, and what learning is all about.

Come see the door designs-- we hope you like them.

What will YOUR classroom door look like?

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