Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Summer Learning

What will you be learning this summer?

As staff and students say goodbye tomorrow, we wish each a great break to refresh and enjoy the days on our own terms.  And it reminds me that we are always learning:

I'd like to invite others to learn with me this summer.  Here are a few things I'll be learning:

#clmooc  Connected Learning Massive Open Online Collaboration

This will be my third year of joining with hundreds of learners around the world in a summer of making, learning, and collaborating based on Connected Learning Principles [visual / videos] sponsored by Educator Innovator [ with MacArthur Foundation] and the National Writing Project.

Just click the link here or click the images below to learn more about it.  You can just join and pop in every now and again to see what we're doing, or try one or two of the "cycles."  The people here will soon become your friends. Starts June 18, but join anytime.

Creative Schools Book Study 

A group of educators from around the US are participating in a book study using Voxer on Sir Ken Robinson's book, "Creative Schools." We're reading Chapters 1 and 2 this week.  Sign up and join us -- learn how teachers are bringing joy and creativity back to our classrooms.

You may have seen some of Ken Robinson's videos, including this TED talk.

In our SIP meetings, we talked about creating a movement, being the first follower, and leading others. That's what this is. You may also like "Make Some Good Art," a sophomore student's project.

I hope some of you join the conversation.  You can also follow the #MOedchat and #creativeschools hashtags on Twitter. We'll be adding images to compliment our discussions.

Here's one of my favorite quotes from the book so far, which my new friend, Mindy Southern, created after I shared it:

NGSS Book Study on Twitter through chats

Another book study is on the Next Generation Science Standards, which, unlike the Common Core State Standards, were created by teachers who took extreme care to consider equity and diversity in those standards. Here's is the information, including why, what, and how : NGSS Book Study. We're reading NGSS for All Students by Okhee Lee, Emily Miller, and Rita Januszyk.

Here is the archive of our first chat: Storify

And my favorite quote so far:


One of my favorite parts of the summer is sharing photography and sometimes poetry. This is my third or fourth year! This is another project you can do as much or as little as you want. I take a photo on my phone and upload it to the Flickr group started by my Twitter friend Paula Naugle [who is an amazing fourth grade teacher in New Orleans -- we "meet" everywhere because we have similar interests ]. Sometimes I add a poem.

Just join this Flickr group of educators #JJAProject which stands for June July August Project, because that's our time period for posting.  Here's some more info and check out the Twitter hashtag #JJAProject.


Now, if taking a photo a day is overwhelming, how about just on Friday's ?  My twitter friend Denise Krebs and I formed this group for those teachers / educators who want to just get started in a project. So we take a photo once a week and share it on Friday in our Flickr Group TFotoFri and on twitter with the hashtag #TFotoFri.

Here's my pic for  this week for the two photo projects:

I download my image from my phone and add it to a Keynote slide. Then I write a poem. Poems are optional.  Sometimes I just upload a photo like everyone else. I also post my photos and poetry on my blog: See Frame Focus Snap! My family likes to see my poetry there.

So, besides a formative assessment class and a Google class, these will keep my mind learning with some of my favorite people.  I hope you'll consider joining one of these projects -- let me know and I'll be glad to get you started!

Have a great summer of learning!

And if you'd like to learn Twitter, I've created this LiveBinder for newbies!
Our NSD Twitter hashtag is #nsd14ed

Click here to open this binder in a new window.

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