Thursday, March 5, 2015

More PAX

PAX is peace, happiness, health, and productivity. How do you get that? By acting PAX. That's what the Harrah Elementary School students and staff live: they act in ways that help the world be healthful, happy, peaceful, and productive. They envision what that world would look like, sound like, act like, and feel like. Then they behave that way: being kind, do their work well, helping others. By bettering the world, they better themselves.
PAX is developed with the GoodBehaviorGame during which students act in PAX ways for a period of time to practice PAX behaviors. Of course, sometimes people forget and talk during quiet time or bother another student. Those are called Spleems, a made-up word to name the things that do not contribute to PAX.  Students work in teams, and those who spleem three times or less, win the PAX game and earn a short, fun prize: like a paper airplane contest, or silent ball for one minute. When the time is up, students and teachers get back to work. This makes school fun and productive. For more information, see the brochure from PAXis here. 
The staff at Nespelem School visited Harrrah Elementary School to see PAX in action -- we enjoyed the awesome staff and students and observed their productive games and fun Whacky Prizes (Silent Ball, Flying Frog, Airplane Toss). I loved how the kids explained what they were doing -- they all knew what their lessons were and what PAX means. The school is filled with smiles and happy staff and students working hard and having fun. 
They even wrote us a Tootle!
We thank them for their gracious invitation into their rooms and PAX; we felt welcome and at home.
We'll share our PAX with you as we improve and become a great PAX school too!
Thanks for helping us!

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