Sunday, January 25, 2015

GEG WA f2f

As a Google Apps School, we are collaborators. It's the way of Google. As such I belong to the Google Educators Group - Washington started by Justin Talmadge. On January 23rd, the group had their first face-to-face meeting to discuss issues in education.

Justin Talmadge and Mike Schwab were our hosts. Justin is a high school teacher in Mercer Island, and Mike is a Google in Education Evangelist -- one of the small team at Google who works around the world with educators:



In the slideshow below see the photos we could take during our stay. Thanks to Mike Schwab for a terrific (!) tour of Google. Each floor has it's own theme, and employees are never more than fifty feet from delicious food. The atmosphere was amazing: focused people engrossed in their work, collaborative conversations in kitchen areas, around pool tables, and of course around computers. Once, when we emerged from the elevator laughing, not one person looked up from their thoughts.  They are working on amazing projects -- thinking well beyond 10%, but looking at things from new perspectives for better solutions. It's a place of focus, fun, and the fantastic made real.

Treated to the Blue Room -- Believe in Learners with Undaunted Educators! -- we emerged ready to tackle and untame education, creating a collaborative culture that dares to dream the best for kids and their futures.

Thank you Mike Schwab and Justin Talmadge for the experience.

Students: here are the pictures your requested:


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