Monday, September 8, 2014

Eagle Power

Desks waited. Chairs sat. Walls listened. Books shivered in excitement. Computers shone with anticipation. When would they come?


The first day arrived and students began the day collaborating with activities like this:

Students read and followed directions to sort and seat themselves. Each day we discussed what worked to complete the activity.  Each class discussed collaboration and learning, creating a list of behaviors that help us learn and work together. Here's their lists:

 Eighth Grade

 Seventh Grade

Sixth Grade

We add to the lists as new ideas and issues arise, developing the guidelines together for a successful learning community.

In addition, our new principal, Mrs Pankey, has created an EAGLE goal for us: each day show how you are an Eagle!  When we notice something a person does that demonstrates Eagle Expectations, we write the action on an eagle feather and present it to that person, who places the feather in the Eagle Power bin. Each Monday, a name is drawn in recognition, and all feathers will be placed in display. She explained how important and symbolic an eagle feather is, and that the honor each of us receives reflects on all of us.

Here are excellent examples of Eagle Power from grades six, seven, and eight in Language Arts from the first week of school:

In grades six, seven, and eight language arts, students take a feather to their desk in each class, and during class notice students following our "Learning Community" guidelines we have created in our notebooks. They acknowledge that effort on the feather, and we share at the end of class. It's awesome. We're awesome! We thank Mrs. Pankey for helping see just how well we can soar!

School is great this year! I hope you come visit -- you'll love the atmosphere!

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