Thursday, September 11, 2014

#6connect Twitter Pals

You've heard of pen pals?

Well, that's old news! In today's world we can connect to more friends faster through Twitter!  The sixth grade is part of a network of at least fifteen other schools across the United States who are tweeting and sharing with each other through classroom Twitter accounts.

In the picture above you see how we learned about Twitter by practicing on paper. We paper tweeted on topics, then replied to those tweets. We even learned about hashtags and sorted our papers into the ones we used, just like Twitter:

We also learned about our expected Netiquette Guidelines, and agreed to them. You can see our Digital Lessons from Netsmartz here.

Our Twitter account is @nsdeagles . We're just getting started and on Monday, September 8, we had our first Twitter Chat. We'll have another one next month.

The kids are all excited, and have even gathered questions to ask on a Google Document. As a Google Apps school, we can connect and collaborate with our Google docs. The question document was created simultaneously by the whole class. Each students chose a spot on the document and started typing questions. I hope you notice how Google Docs helped them spell correctly, and that the students remembered their capital letters and question marks!  But most importantly, look at the questions -- so many! They are learning about diversity and digital citizenship -- how to be safe online and work with others who are different.

If you want to check out our sixth grade connection, our hashtag is #6connect. We're excited to learn with our Twitter Pals!

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Please remember this is a family and school related site. Please post and comment appropriately. Please contact Ms Edwards if you have any questions or to report any inappropriate activity. Thank you. sheri at nsdeagles dot org