Sunday, January 19, 2014

January: MLK and More

In January, we continue questioning, responding, discussing. We are completing our first interpretive essay. We also continue our independent reading. Students read everyday, either in class or on their own, writing responses to their reading prompt questions, choosing those that fit their self-chosen books. Students write three responses a week, and on Monday write essays to support a review of their book.

Our reading prompts are aligned with the Common Core State Standards:

Grade 8:  Fiction  Nonfiction
Grade 7:  Fiction  Nonfiction
Grade 6:  Fiction  Nonfiction

The seventh and eighth grade continue reading our JGB, and sixth grade students also read for similar purposes and write to be clear. In addition, the sixth grade students continue their learning about Text Structure, how texts are organized depending on their purpose: problem/solution, cause/effect, compare/contrast, sequence/chronology, description/spatial. We've focused on problem/solution, cause/effect, compare/contrast so far. Students can determine the structure of texts they read, pull the information out into a graphic organizer, and rewrite the information in paragraphs of their own. The above graphic organizer information was pulled from a paragraph the students determined was a problem/solution text structure. Next students will use the information to write their own paragraphs. Here is a sample of one paragraph. We'll be adding more paragraphs, so check back there for updates.

Last Friday, we enjoyed our annual Martin Luther King, Jr Assembly.  Students in the classes of Ms Van Brunt, Miss Reidt, Ms Corwine, and Mr Ericskon all participated in the assembly. Mrs. Armstrong-Montes was the MC and worked with the teachers. Miss Van Brunt and Mrs. Armstrong-Montes created a video about Martin Luther King, Jr from Mrs Armsstrong-Montes's visit to his memorial in Washington, DC.  Enjoy their video:

Here are the highlights of our assembly, during which the students watched the above video.

Please enjoy your weekend, and do something kind to help another person on MLK Day, which is a day to serve others.  Comment back here on what you did to help others.

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