Friday, November 29, 2013

November: Thanksgiving And More

November is so busy -- you've seen Parent Student Teacher Conferences, but you probably didn't realize that the grade eight students are involved in NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month. Each student set a word count goal they could meet given the days we have to work on them -- we lose some to testing, basketball, holidays. As you can see on our Progress Page, we made 124% of our goal:
If you click the Progress Page link, you can see each students' progress. We wrote fantasies, action/adventure, and survival stories. Be sure to ask your student about it! They did share them at conferences.

We continued our work in all grades with reading for understanding: finding the main idea, the key ideas that support it, and how the author developed his/her ideas. We learned how character actions to solve their problem helped us learn about real life interactions, and continued our work with theme.

Remember you can always find our lesson plans here [ My Planbook ] and our student web resources here [ LA Goals ]

One of our next targets is to ask better questions. We will be starting our Junior Great Books program, Level One, in grades seven and eight, which focuses on interpretation of the text and and deeper learning and understanding through questioning, discussion, and writing. This process is called Shared Inquiry or Socratic Method. We'll start the process in grade six in January.

Basketball Rocks! Excitement is always in the air during this season for even those who don't play love to watch our team.  We even have some grade eight kids participate as JV Raiders! Wowser!

And finally, we thank you, our students, family, and community for your continued support and encouragement. Happy Thanksgiving!

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