Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Digital Learning Day #dlday

How does Digital Learning occur every day?

We are researchers, and today we used our map and questioning skills. These two students used search and Google Maps to figure out where the students from our Mystery Skype school lived.

One student kept track of questions and answers  in Google Docs so we could remember the answers our mystery school provided us. Beside her, another student pinned possible places on the map, zooming in to add to questions that the two mappers above provided to our official "Inquirer," the student who actually asked our questions to our Mystery School.

We were really stumped because one answer was that they did not live in the Rocky Mountains, which ruled out British Columbia. But after asking several more questions, we asked if they lived in British Columbia, and they said yes. So our Rocky Mountain question must not have been clearly asked.  Asking good questions is an important skill, as are map skills. Finally, we asked if they lived in a largely populated area, and they said yes.  Quill and Vinick argued with each other, should we ask if they live in Vancouver or Surrey? They chose Surrey, and were correct. Quill said, "I didn't think we'd get it because they got like ten questions right and our state correct so quickly."

We then answered their questions again so they could figure out where we lived. Since we are in such a rural area, it was difficult to guess, but we all clapped for them when the did.  We learned that it's important to know how to ask good questions, it's important to know how to find important places on maps (and to know the world), and it's helpful to politely let people know how to correctly pronounce names. We mispronounced Surrey and they mispronounced our town. So we all learned together.

How did we know to Mystery Skype? I received a Tweet from @ValerieLeessd36 and @TeresaOakland asking to do so. None of us had experienced a Mystery Skype but the clear directions here from Global Connections provided the framework for us to jump in and do it!  

Go ahead and set one up.

In seventh grade students began 5 card Flickr stories. More will be added later; they took part in he end of the Mystery Skype and so didn't have time to work on their project.

In grade six students learned more Internet Safety -- Be safe online and off with NetSmartz.  We started our presentations for the Beat the Tricks video -- how to be safe offline and on, and what the tricks and solutions are.  

Digital Learning Day is every day for our middle school: how do we research, share, consider, collaborate, read, write, present in clear and accurate -- and safe -- ways? We live it. How about you?

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  1. Thank you Ms. Edwards and your class! Our students had a lot of fun and we learned so much from our first ever mystery Skype. We appreciate your patience and your willingness to try this out with us!

    Mrs. Oakland

  2. Thanks, Mrs. Oakland. We were all anxious and excited -- the unknown became fun because everyone helped out. We loved seeing another classroom full of learners. We so appreciate you visiting us! Come again!


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