Thursday, January 3, 2013

Welcome Back !

The students and I are ready and willing to learn even more now that we have enjoyed a break with family and friends.  The students are glad to be back, they wrote, for these reasons:
  • I see my friends
  • I get to do some exciting activities
  • My break was going slow and I need to learn; I couldn't wait to come back to school
  • I can learn new things
  • I get to start wrestling
  • I got a new pair of shoes, and I get to wear them
  • I am eager to learn
  • I want to work
  • I need to get my grade up
  • I want to have Genius Day
  • I enjoy Jump Start, recess, and Genius Project
  • I like our specials
  • I can improve my grades
  • I'm back on my regular schedule
  • We get arts, crafts, and Genius Day
  • Math
  • Tomorrow is Genius Friday
  • I can make plans with friends
  • Get my work back on track
  • It's boring at home
  • The food
So, like I said, here we are willing to dig in, improve our grades, learn new things, do our sports, engage in interesting activities like arts, crafts, and our own Genius Projects, and do it with our friends.  What a great place to be!

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