Friday, May 11, 2012

Writing to Share

Sketch by Quill
We've mastered our reading requirements, and now work on projects that apply our learning in reading and writing. We'd love more time to do this in class, and perhaps now that we've started, we will continue right into the fall start of the school year 2012.

What are we doing?  Blogging. Blogging more frequently to share our learning in projects. One project was a reflection on the assembly by Gene Tagaban, inspirational Native American storyteller and performer.  The students so enjoyed his "aaaawwwweeeessoooooooome" music, stories, and performance. They came away knowing they needed to be careful about their own stories, which is the life each leads.

Here is a link to several blog posts about the assembly by our students in grades six, seven, and eight:

These seventh grade students have just started their own blogs, and wrote their first two posts, one about Gene Tagaban:

Note: Students use pseudonyms, not their real names.

I wrote a post here that includes a video of our assembly:


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