Thursday, November 17, 2011

Writing Class: Veterans Paragraph Contest

Every year the Nespelem American Legion Auxiliary sponsors a contest for Veterans Day. The theme is usually "Honor All Veterans." Veterans Day is an important event in our community. In all the towns around, breakfasts, dinners, school assemblies, and Pow Wows honor those who served our country to keep us safe and free. We thank all those who sponsor activities, and especially the Nespelem American Legion Auxiliary.

This years winners are:

Veterans Day Essay Winners

Sponsored by Nespelem American Legion Auxiliary
Thank you 
1st- Quincy Williams Grade 7
2nd - Ricardo Sanchez Grade 8
3rd - Jerry Palmer Grade 6
The seventh and eighth grade students started with a prewriting plan in Google Docs which helped them think of nouns, strong verbs, and actions of those who served in the Armed Forces. Next the students revised and edited their work.   

Two students, Tristen and Mysti, created an additional project to honor the veterans. They asked the  students to create word clouds using their essays as the source for the words ( ). Each then saved the images and uploaded the wordles and pasted their essays into a Google presentation. Each student explained why they chose the colors, word arrangements, and layout. This is their gift. Thanks to Tristen and Mysti for asking their peers to join.

We asked other schools in our Quad Blog Team to comment about our project and about Veterans Day. You can read those at our student blog here.

It was an engaging way to learn writing while also honoring our veterans.

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  1. Dear Mrs. Edwards and class,

    Congratulations Quincy, Ricardo, and Jerry!

    I find your entire post such an honoring tribute to veterans. Thank you for taking the time and for your efforts to show your appreciation to those who serve others, and sacrifice for the safety and common good of others.

    Kind regards,
    Mrs. Watanabe

  2. Students, I stumbled on this project while I was chasing down some information your teacher had sent me. Wow! You've done great work! I congratulate Tristen and Mysti who came up with the Wordle idea. For the first time, I could see how Wordle could be used to help students see whether their main idea for a writing piece is supported by the words they used. Then to be so thoughtful about the colors, fonts, and shapes -- my that's good thinking! In fact, I am going to refer to the project generally in the book as a model of how word clouds can be used. I'm sure the veterans who have seen it are honored. I shared it with my husband who is a Vietnam War vet. He was impressed as well. Great job!

    1. Hello my name is Kimy. Thank you for congratulating me for coming up with the wordle project. I had been working hard on the project for the Veterans day. My friend and I decided to do that project after we had finished our wordle before that and our paragraphs about what Veterans Day means to me. It didn't take long to do the wordles. After finishing my wordle I decided to help a few of my classmates with their brilliant idea about the topic. Thank you for commenting and it's a honor that your generally making a book about how word clouds can be used. Thanks again it really means a lot.

    2. My name is Quill and I want to thank you for complimenting on our projects. I am excited that you are referring to it in a book
      Once again thank you!

    3. Hello my name is Ryal. I want to thank you for everything That you said about our wordles. We put a lot of hard work in making them. I enjoyed it though. When we made our wordles we had to explain our fonts, our font color, and the way the words were aligned.

  3. Ms Hamilton, Thank you for your kind words. Our students are learning how powerful our words can be, and how powerful the Internet is. We are learning to be thoughtful in planning and presenting our ideas to share with others, such as to honor our Veterans. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on our work.

  4. Thank you Ms Hamilton for putting our idea in your book.That was very kind of you to do that,I enjoy making wordles for projects and I hope we can do it again next year.I hope you have a great year.


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