Friday, September 23, 2011

Update: Reading and Writing - Quads Forever

Students in grades 6, 7, and 8 reading and writing classes with Ms Edwards are very busy with three major projects that help us with reading and writing.

We are listening to the book Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt. Ask you students about it. Read about the project here. We join thousands of other students as we consider, "If you had the chance to stay young forever, would you take it?" What do you think? We have pros/cons already and we just started listening. Ask your students about Setting and Character, because that is our focus so far. We will also be learning about plot and theme. Stay tuned!

We have three partner schools for Quad Blogging. The week of 9/12 was our week for posting. Read our ideas here: Eagles Write. We have almost 150 comments so far from our sister schools: Shorecrest Preparatory School (St. Petersburg, Florida), Humphry-Davy School (Cornwall, England), and Brigantine Middle School (Brigantine, NJ)! Each week, one of the schools hosts the post that the students respond to in the comments. Students learn to read carefully, respond in a conversational tone, and draft/edit for clarity to continue the conversation. It's a wonderful and authentic way to learn to communicate. It is modern day pen pals.  Please check the Eagles Write blog for more of our Quad Blogging.

Do you know what the eight parts of speech are: IVAN CAPP !  Ask your students. We have joined with two schools in Iowa to create projects that teach one of the parts of speech. We will share more later. It's a tough schedule for us to keep up with since we have Native American Week activities, sports activities, and testing activities that have prevented us from full participation.  However, the students definitely try to complete their part in the short time we have. We'll keep you posted, and while you wait, here's information: click here.

We continue to learn better writing and reading skills as we also practice our digital citizenship. It's an amazing year so far!

What do you think? Students at our school read, write, run, relay, hurdle, spike, serve, and dance! Wowser!

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