Friday, August 26, 2011

Parent Night Info

Ms Sheri Edwards

Welcome to our classroom. In this classroom I have taught 5, 6, 7, 8 and Gifted and Talented over the last twenty-five years (I also taught first grade for three years). I am honored to teach your children.

About Reading

In our reading class we will focus on novels, independent reading, MSP Prep, and reading discussions. Students will read at least forty (40) books this year: their own choice. In addition, we will participate in the Global Read Aloud Project with thousands of students listening to and discussing Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt.

Students will maintain a notebook of lessons and reflections to document their work. In addition, they will, with your permission, discuss their books online in blogs.

Our goal with a focus in interesting novels and independent reading is that students learn to enjoy reading, if not learn to love the worlds they can imagine through reading.

About Writing

In writing class students will apply the writing process (prewriting, predrafting, drafting, feedback, revising, feedback, edit, publish) using the Seven Traits of Quality Writing (ideas, organization, word choice, sentence fluency, voice, conventions, presentation).

Students will maintain a notebook of lessons and reflections to document their work. They will keep a writing journal and two writing folders. In addition, they will, with your permission, participate in several online projects with students around the world, including Quad-Blogging, Youth Voices, TweenTribune, and our own class blogs. We also plan to send home a monthly newsletter created by our writing classes with news about our school.

Our goal with a focus writing etiquette, digital citizenship, and authentic writing with each other and other students is to create authors.

About Technology

Writing today demands technology use; anywhere people work, the computer makes that work, especially writing, easier to complete. After planning and drafting, students complete and revise draft number two on the computer via our Internet sites called wikis and Google Apps. These allows students to work from any computer hooked to the Internet; no more waiting turns for that certain computer with your project on it. And, students can work from home. Revising through word processing allows students to easily refine their work -- based on the suggestions from lessons  in class.

Students create and share with other Internet programs also, including blogs, Glogster, Edmodo, and VoiceThread.

An example is Quad Blogging: We will hopefully be blogging with three other schools this year in a program called “Quad Blogging.” The plan works like this: 1st week a class posts on a blog, three other classes comment; then the process simply rotates. It will provide an authentic audience for students. Our class will post at:

About Internet safety

All students learn in lessons in class how to safely use the Internet. They must accept and follow our Internet Etiquette. Students use a pseudonym, code name, so they never use their real names. Guardians choose the level of access for their students.

Practicing Netiquette
Students practice their positive attitudes required in our Internet Safety in the real world introductions to their mentors.

See our Netiquette Guidelines:

Wiki and Google Apps  VS EMAIL
Student email provides access to Google Apps, their teacher, and their peers; email does not access outside addresses. Instead, student user names and passwords provide them access to Google Apps, wikis, and other writing class accounts because these are much easier to monitor for safety than email.

Questions ?
Our online work allows us to easily correct and revise our writing and collaborate with each other and others from any internet connected computer. For questions on our writing class Internet work, please contact Sheri Edwards, writing teacher, at Nespelem School. 509-634-4541 x128 email:

We look forward to an exciting year as authors and readers.  For school supplies, click here. Thank you for your continued support, and please stop in at any time.    Ms. Edwards

This is a school related site so please respect others and comment appropriately. Please contact Ms Edwards if you have any questions or need to report any inappropriate activity. Thank you. Reflect Curiosity and Wonder... Go boldly and scatter seeds of kindness...

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