Monday, May 9, 2011

Writing for Earth Day

Did you know March 22nd was World Water Day? In our writing class, we did. We researched the issues surrounding our water supplies and the problems in not only our country but in other countries as well. We wrote about our research and wrote them as comments to our blog:  Earth Day Writing Contest. You follow our research steps on that blog post.

Many students sent their research as essays to Them Dam Writers who had sponsored an Earth Day Writing Contest.  And guess what ! Our students took First, Second, and Third!

Here are the winning essays, and you can read all our work in the comments of the Earth Day Writing Contest blog post.

Aly's comment is not posted; I'll look for a copy of her essay to post later.

Quill wrote:
Did you know that the earth’s water is becoming contaminated all around the world? Many people are becoming sick because they don’t have access to clean water. Tanzania, a country in Africa, has 44 million people and 44% of that does not have access to clean water. 1.1 billion people around the world doesn’t have access to water. The water people drink that is contaminated probably looks yellow. Did you know that the earth’s surface is 70% water? Imagine the percentage of the water is contaminated. It’s probably alot! We should conserve our water the best we can, because many people would be thankful to have healthy water to drink.To help people, how will you help conserve water?
TISH penned:
Did you know Water Day is annually celebrated on March 22? Water Day was recommended at the 1992 UNCED center. Water can do so many good things to us and our land. But did you know that water can do many bad things too? The water in tsunami’s can harm many of the buildings, and and people, cars, and boats. So water can be used in many different ways. What are the ways you use water?
Water is in oceans and rivers, both places where fish and sea creatures live. But when we do bad things with the water we can kill all of those creatures. When we pollute the water and waste it, other people may need it more than we do, so if you ever waste water just think, the children in Africa need it more than we do.
Kids in Africa do need it more than we do because all of their water is polluted and dirty. When they drink it they end up getting sick or maybe even dying. So just imagine you are in Africa and you see little children running to the river, barefooted, and they do not have any water; they look really hot and tired. They are very little and sad. You see them sweating but no water to drink. They may end up dying or getting sick because of the loss of water. So just be thankful that you have water to live and be hydrated. Also in Africa the people drink so much water that there were places where there used to be deep water; it was gone because they drank it all. So just imagine that you are at you local river and it was very deep. Then in about three months, it is only about as tall as your knees. You used to be able to swim in the river and jump off a dock. But now that the people had drank it, all they have a chance to never go swimming in a long time after that. If they tried to go swimming or jump off the dock they could hurt themselves.
So when you think of water, think of it’s your whole life because, Every drop counts!

Every drop of water counts, and these students learned how important it is to the world. They also learned how powerful it is to share information with others.

Congratulations, Student Writers !

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  1. Dear Ms. Edwards' class,

    Congratulations on doing so fabulous in the contest! You should be very proud of yourselves because that's fabulous, especially about such a serious subject.

    I keep wondering how Japan's Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant radiation is going to affect the water, food chain, and environment. It breaks my heart to think of what is happening there. My husband's extended family is south of Tokyo, and it has been difficult to hear much from them. What TISH wrote made me think of that and ponder.

    Thank you for sharing your fabulous essays!

    Kind regards,
    Mrs. Watanabe

  2. Dear Tracy,

    Thank you for the nice comment! I think that is really sad about Japan and I just really wish that there is something I could do about it! So I just keep hoping it will get better

    ~Tish :)


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