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Earth Day 2011

April 22, 2011  EARTH DAY

Our school participated in the Earth Day Celebration sponsored by the Colville Confederated Tribes. Grades 1-3 attended as well as the Eaglet Dancers with their teacher, Ms. Terrie Sanger.
Students and staff created a banner for the event:

Back at school students in grade four not participating in the Earth Day celebration completed their family Easter art.

Students in grades 5-8 science classes learned more about the Earth from local National Park Service Rangers, including Janice Elvidge.
Grade Six writing class students wrote Thank Yous to the Earth. I considered drawings and poetry, but they, being the digital kids, said, "Can't we just google a picture?"
The answer to searching Google was "No."  As global citizens we learn to use those pictures that belong to us, or are shared with us by others through a Creative Commons license. A favorite site for student projects is Pics4Learning, which grants permission for students to use the pictures donated to their site.  With that option, we changed the project: create a Google Presentation slide with a cited image from Pics4Learning and add a poem or text of thanks to our Mother Earth.
I demonstrated very quickly these steps to students:
  1. log in to their site
  2. open a presentation
  3. insert a two-field slide for text and picture
  4. delete the title slide
  5. go to Pics4Learning 
  6. search for their topic about Earth
  7. download the image
  8. open the image
  9. resize to 500 pixel width and save
  10. return to slide and upload image
  11. return to Pics4Learning to copy the URL as citation
  12. return to slide to paste citation
  13. add their poem or text
  14. share slide with teacher 

As you can see, students today can follow directions and create in one class period their ideas about a topic: in this case, one thing on the earth for which they are thankful.

Enjoy the Sixth Grade Happy Birthday and Thank You to Mother Earth:

Photo Credits

Violets, Banners, Bunny by Sheri Edwards
Earth Day photos cited on each slide

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