Friday, March 25, 2011

World Water Day: Introductory Blogging for Students

Did you know that March 22nd was World Water Day?

Why is there a World Water Day? Our writing class students applied our reading strategies to read and research about water in the world. We then wrote comments on our class blog, Eagles Write. We will use our research and blogging comments to write for the Earth Day Contest by Them Dam Writers of Grand Coulee Dam.

Be sure to ask your child what his/her pseudonym, or code name, is for his/her online identity. Please notice the etiquette students follow when commenting. And, remember, students are in the process of learning to write, so our comments and posts will not be perfectly written. We love comments, so read our Family Friendly post to learn how you can participate in our class blogging work.

For World Water Day,  Elbe shared what she learned and included why a World Water Day occurs every March 22. She also shared her research strategy.

Many students shared the facts they learned, solutions everybody can do, and their reading strategies. Enmo shared interesting facts, including the fact that a child dies every twenty seconds from a water-related disease.  Lamjo shared everyday solutions everyone can do, such as not letting the water run while brushing one's teeth. Jamon shared his reading/research strategy of finding one video to take notes on, which linked him to more videos.

We have practiced many reading strategies:

  • read and re-read for fluency
  • study vocabulary
  • list vocabulary words within their context to discuss
  • take notes on the main idea/topics and supporting details
  • gist statements
  • list facts or draw facts
This project allowed students to apply their strategies to research about this global project and problem, looking for possible solutions even we could take.

The World Water Day Eagles Write post begins our journey into blogging. Students have read, re-read and practiced our "netiquette" guidelines. Students will now learn appropriate commenting, then write posts on our class blog, and then earn the privilege of producing their own blog. This process helps students learn the critical, creative, and collaborative thinking skills and manners of online participation. How students progress through this process depends on their willingness to develop their research and writing skills as well as their netiquette. Although we know the writing won't be perfect, those students who take the time to consider others ideas, create thoughtful drafts, connect with other bloggers, and collaborate with other people, peers, and groups will earn their own blog to continue the projects they initiate. It is truly life-long learning one step at a time.

We hope you join the journey.

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(NASA-GSFC), NASA. earth_from_space.jpg. 11.07.2002. Pics4Learning. 25 Mar 2011

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