Sunday, January 30, 2011

Google Docs Notes


We have our new computers, thanks to the Parent Education Committee, whose foresight imagines the future our students will live. Their goal is to provide technology for all classrooms. We thank you so much for providing the tool with which we practice and apply our learning.

Our students in grades 5-8 write for reading, writing, and science in our Google Apps in Education.

In writing class we recently watched a video on Bullying. While watching, each student took notes on the problems and solutions -- What was happening? What could be done?  That's not new. What's new is that we took notes on Google Docs -- all of us in one class on one document. We could stop, discuss, highlight, and move on to the next part of the video.  As a teacher, I could watch the notes students created, stop at the point someone responded with an important insight or encourage anyone who needed prompting. Everyone was engaged! Everyone!

Click here to see a video of what that looked like: Our Back Channel  A backchannel is a discussion outside of a presentation, usually in a chat within a presentation application or in an entirely different application.  We used a Google Document for ours.


Engagement and teacher feedback are keys to unlocking learning potential, and that's what our new tool, our iMacs coupled with Google Apps in Education allowed us to do. Have any of you done something similar with Google Apps?

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  1. Hi Ms. Edwards,

    Thanks for sharing this great lesson. Our school does not have Google Apps in Education, but I am going to start using Edmodo as a backchannel with my 4th graders, thank to your inspiration.

  2. Thanks, Paula, and I have enjoyed learning with you and your students. I know you will share your adventure and we will check your blog for an update.


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