Saturday, October 2, 2010

Welcome Back!

 Welcome to Ms Edwards Weekly Newsletter

Each week I'll post our activities in class with links to other sites for information, pictures, or ideas.

I'm summarizing September, since getting back to school means as many changes and adjustments for teachers as it does for students.

That's precisely why I designed my first weeks lessons: to move us from summer to school through activities that allow us to get to know each other while we practice the expectations and procedures of successful students and teachers. For a detailed explanation of our first project, click here.

Students collaborated on poster projects in teams to discover their similarities and uniqueness. Here are their posters:

Our next projects helped us prepare for our visit on Thursday, September 23rd with writing mentors from Washington State University. Students from WSU will be working with our students on their online wiki work in Coyote Winks, a private site for students to draft their initial writings. We will transfer our final projects to Coyote Talks, where you can find further information about our mentors and the project. To prepare for our work with the mentors, we created BioPoems and business cards to share along with our About Us index cards. We also wrote a narrative about some event from our BioPoems. At our meeting with the mentors on 9/23, we played icebreaker games under the direction of Sonya from the 4-H extension office. Then mentors matched up with our students, and the sharing began. For a look at the activities, enjoy this slideshow. Photos have been altered according to student permissions.

Of course, September 23rd was the last day of Native American Week in which many parents, grandparents, and community members enjoyed breakfast or lunch at school and spoke to students in classrooms. It was a marvelous week, and we thank all who helped make this possible. Terrie Sanger and Nancy Armstrong-Montes provided the foundation for us.  While I do not have photos for that week, you may enjoy these photos from the Fourth of July Horse Parade in Nespelem  this year by clicking here. I'll be revising this post as soon as I receive the list of speakers and perhaps get some photos to share. Thank you letters should be in the mail!

Thank you families for helping the school year take off on such a positive note.

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Reflect Curiosity and Wonder... 
Go boldly and scatter seeds of kindness...

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Please remember this is a family and school related site. Please post and comment appropriately. Please contact Ms Edwards if you have any questions or to report any inappropriate activity. Thank you. sheri at nsdeagles dot org